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ClassTopicsTest statusStart test
11The living world FreeTake test
11Biological classification Take test
11Plant Kingdom Take test
11Animal Kingdom Take test
11Morphology of flowering plants Take test
11Anatomy of flowering plants Take test
11Structural organisation in animals Take test
11Transport in plants Take test
11Mineral nutrition Take test
11Photosynthesis in higher plants Take test
11Respiration in plants Take test
11Plant growth and development Take test
11Cell-The unit of life Take test
11Digestion and absorption Take test
11Breathing and exchange of gasses Take test
11Body fluids and circulation Take test
11Excretory products and their elimination Take test
11Neural control and coordination Take test
11Locomotion and movement Take test
11Chemical coordination and Integration Take test
11Biomolecules Take test
11Cell cycle and cell division Take test
12Health and Disease Take test
12Microbes in human welfare Take test
12Improvement in food production Take test
12Principles of inheritance and variation Take test
12Evolution Take test
12Reproduction in organisms and flowering plants Take test
12Human reproduction Take test
12Reproductive health Take test
12Molecular basis of inheritance Take test
12Biotechnology and Its Application Take test
12Biotechnology principles and processes Take test
12Organisms and Populations Take test
12Ecosystem Take test
12Biodiversity and conservation Take test
12Environmental issues Take test

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